Women for Rwanda Update 2018

Since Women for Rwanda started in 2011, we have built a house for Nyirangendahima and her family, raised funds to give several women goats for personal use, and helped set up a farming business, and it’s all been a success!


The health of Nyirangendahima and her two children has massively improved thanks to the health insurance that she can now afford with the income generated from the farming business; the availability of fresh water from her water tank; and having a roof over their heads.

There are still some challenges in the way: the water tank sometimes breaks, and the goats are reproducing and there is not enough room for all them in their current shed.

But thanks to your support Nyirangendahima continues to move forwards and she is not alone in dealing with these obstacles. Thanks to your help, this month, Nyirangendahima will have a new shed to keep all her sheep sound and safe!

This is what she had to say:

“I feel more stable and happier knowing that my children are getting an education and have medical insurance – it is a great relief for me”

Nyirangendahima, Feb 2018

Farming & shop business

The farming and shop business is also growing! This business is split between 12 women, 7 who do the farming and the remaining 5 buy beans and resell them for a profit at a later stage when the beans are scarce and the prices go up.

Even though the women have managed to make a profit and create their own sustainable income, the business is not without its challenges. In recent weeks, competition has increased as new shops have opened offering similar produce.

To rise above this challenge the women have come up with a new business idea of their own initiative! Stay tuned to hear more details soon!

In the meantime, with your support they will be buying more land to expand their farming and increase production. This will mean they will be able to stand on their own and grow their business.

“The support that you gave me has helped me earn an income and pay for my medical insurance and get my other basic needs like salt and buying milk.”

Josephine, Feb 2018


The group of eleven women supported by Women for Rwanda is located in Gisagara, one of the districts of southern Rwanda.

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